My homeware range specialises in functional hanging baskets designed to hang from pegs and on the back of doors to make the best use of space. They are made from traditional basketry materials such as rush and willow and also incorporate other homegrown plant fibres such as cornus, willow bark, montbretia, red hot poker and lily. I carry a small stock or make to commission with a six week wait time from order to delivery. I also make plaited table mats in various sizes.


Papoose has been specially designed to help with reusing and recycling plastic bags. It is both a storage basket and dispenser. Made from plaited rush with other garden materials to give texture and colour to the piece. Leather strap.

Small papoose
Approx 25cm long x 10cm diameter £70 + P&P
Designed for small clear plastic food storage bags such as those used for packaging bread, fruit and salad.

Medium papoose
Approx 35cm long x 13cm diameter £130 + P&P
Designed for thinner single use store and supermarket carrier bags




aRound hanging basket

This circular hanging basket was inspired by 1950’s French flower baskets. Made from different species of willow and using contemporary willow weaves, it is a robust and capacious hanging basket suiting a wide variety of uses. The back of the basket is a flat disc which sits snugly against any vertical surface. It can be used for storing many items in your home, shed or garage .


Large aRound
approx 40 cm diameter x 15cm deep £70 + P&P

Small aRound
approx 30 cm x 12cm deep £50 + P&P

Table mat



Each  large table mat contains a centre of storm blown and sanded wild cherry wood. and at least 10 meters of plaited rush and other garden fibres. 1cm thick and  28cm in diameter, stacked plaited mats are extremely robust and heat resistant . Leather tag for hanging and displaying. Cord option available for vegetarians.

Large table mat £35 + p&p

Coaster £10 each or £30 for a set of four.