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Level: Improvers, intermediate and advanced. Previous twining experience essential.

Workshop Details

A two day workshop with a focus on developing techniques in the following: bases, borders, form and scale. Participants need to have mastered basic twining techniques. All workshops with guest tutors are aimed at participants who are using basketry techniques regularly in their work but you don’t need to be an expert in twining.

Day 1

The focus of the first day with be bases and borders. Through the making of a series of sample bases, the materials will be considered in terms of their suitability for the base design, scale and finished form. Borders will also be discussed and sampled, again, exploring how the a chosen material will influence the possibilities. At the end of the day students will reflect on their samples, making decisions about how they would like to proceed on Day 2 with an initial idea of a form they would like to make.

Day 2

Each student will focus on their own twined form by selecting the materials and scale they would like to work with, starting with a base of their choice. Form will be discussed and techniques taught for inserting additional warp threads, doubling up warps, opening out plies and cutting out. Simple patterns could also be woven to add interest to the design.


Originally learning to make traditional willow baskets, an introduction to textile basketry took Mary’s making in a new direction. Often starting with a technique, then hours of exploring and experimenting, she likes to work with a range of materials but especially fine flexible ones, weaving using adapted traditional basketry and textile techniques. Mary enjoys maths, which influences her making. In particular she likes problem solving and the challenges that making provides. 

A large portion of Mary’s practice is sharing what she makes. With a background in primary teaching and museum education, she greatly enjoy running workshops and giving talks; sharing her enthusiasm for making and the passing on of skills.

if you are interested in this exciting course, please contact Julie here to check that the course is suitable for you.