Woven Effects

Making Memories Matter

The idea for Woven Effects grew out of my own experience of losing close family members and undertaking the difficult process of disposing of their personal effects. Many possessions have little or no financial value but hold meaning and significance. It is often these items which are hardest to let go of, as they mean so much emotionally, despite us having no practical use for them ourselves. By making baskets from the bits and pieces of all that surrounds a life lived, I hope to commemorate the importance of that life but also help with the process of moving on and letting go. If you would like something special to remember a loved one who has passed away, please get in touch .Every commission is unique and tailored to mark a life and the relationship with the person commissioning the item. The result will be something unique to treasure and hold memories.

Here are a few ideas……

This service is in the early stages of development, while I build up a portfolio of work and examples. In the meantime, I hope the examples below will give you an idea of styles, types of basket available and some estimates and costings. The final price includes a telephone conversation to discuss the commission(optional), preparing (clean) materials for weaving, hand weaving the item as agreed, P+P to return the completed item or items. Even a small item such as a coaster or trinket basket will involve hours of work relative to the size of the finished item.

Coiled basketry using textiles

Personal effects made from fabric are disassembled and cut into strips, then wrapped around a jute or cotton rope core, stitched together and shaped. The examples above are all made from ties belonging to someone I will call ‘The Music Man’, a talented amateur tenor who had spent many years singing leading roles in amateur operatics. Any not too thick fabric can be used: examples include scarves, socks, shirt or blouse fabric, table napkins. Small personal items such as jewellery or cufflinks can also reincorporated into the weaving. Prices range from £22 for a coaster to £170 for the largest conical shaped basket.

Plaited Basketry Examples

Plaited baskets are made from firm but flexible strips of material which are woven together in a chequered effect. The examples here are all made from the Music Man’s sheet music mounted onto cardboard on both sides, so the underside of the basket is different to the top. Any personal effects made from paper ,cardboard, or some synthetic materials may be suitable; examples include maps, photographs, books, video or game boxes , vinyl record covers, reel to reel film, leather or vinyl belts. Prices range from £40 for a small trinket basket to £220 for a large platter.

To discuss a commission please contact me here